My research paper (part2)

When I started writing my paper, I already knew what I was going to say and the flow I wanted it to have so I was very excited. Because of this, I started actually writing the paper four days before it was due—which I feel was procrastination. Once I started writing, I realized I was not meeting the word quota I needed to be meeting. In turn, I started adding more information from my sources into the “gaps” of my paper. When doing this, I made sure that the information flowed with what I already had written. After filling in the gaps, I took a break off the paper until the day it was due! By this time, I only had to sections of my paper and footnotes left to do. I hurried and finished. I finished with the entire thing at 12:03am. I thought that turnitin was not going to accept my three minute late paper! Once they did though, watched my paper upload so I could know the percent of plagiarism I had. 12 percent! – “not bad,” I thought to myself. Once I was finished turning it in, I was very proud of myself. I expected to get a good grade, but not a 100 percent! I was stocked when I seen my grade. I shared it with my family and close friends.


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