My research paper (part1)

Working on my research paper for our history class was definitely an interesting experience! First off, I was going to talk about the evolution of housing in the Near East, the topic I did for my video. However, I did not choose this topic a second time because I did not want to plagiarize my own work. So, I ended up choosing the evolution of the Egyptian pyramids. First of all, I chose this topic because I am genuinely interested in the Egyptians as a whole. Because of this, I knew this topic would be great! Since I was interested in this topic so much, I started research on my topic two weeks prior to its due date. I, first, looked in my Ancient Cities textbook to familiarize myself with the different phases of Egyptian housing. Once I had refreshed my memory, I went to the library and found five books pertaining to my topic. I skimmed through these books and found pieces/excerpts in each one that I knew I could use for my paper. Out of curiosity, I went to and found different articles on my topic as well. By this time, I had twelve sources! After reading all of these articles, I narrowed it down to just three that I want to use. Now it was time to start actually writing my paper.


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