Over all, I feel as if I have learned a lot from this class and from the readings. Initially, this cluster was my fourth choice (although I love history). It was my fourth choice because there really are no jobs in history other than teaching or becoming an archeologist – neither of which I am interested in. However, I do not regret receiving this cluster. I, honestly, enjoy coming to this class and taking notes on parts of the lectures that I missed in the reading. I try my best to ready and take notes on the day’s lecture the night before, so that the lecture will just serve as a memory refresher. The readings are a little long, but very informative and interesting. When something is interesting, it is not hard to remember/retain it. This might be why I do well on most of my quizzes. Also, I really like the teaching style of professor Kaatz! He is very organized and welling to help us in any way possible. I like that the slide shows presented to us in class are also on blackboard, in case I was not paying attention and missed something. I feel as if I will remember 98% of the things I am learning about in this class. In the future, I would love to take another history class taught by Professor Kaatz. I am really enjoying this quarter and hopefully, my other cluster teachers are just as great.


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