In my opinion, the video on the Mycenaean citadel was very interesting. It depicted the different characteristics of what made the citadel. The buildings looked very advanced. The brick was laid very well and the entrances to the buildings looked leveled. It is apparent that they were very good architects. The ruins of the buildings look well preserved. It still amazes me how they made their buildings literally out of mountains. I am not sure if that is how they were built, but it looks like it. It was clear from the video the Mycenaeans were a very technologically advanced people. Their bronze daggers were decorative and had messages on them and their art. Their pottery looks really detailed. The fact that some of their pieces were made of gold (it looks like) shows that their economy was thriving at some point or another. Another interesting thing was their cemetery arrangement. The fact that they even had an organized arrangement tells a lot about them. I do, however wish that this video would have shown how the bodies were arranged in their grave.


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