Honestly, my dipity timeline has taught me a lot about the cultures we’ve examined in the past few weeks. I’ve learned so many random facts about civilization and since I love world history, I am amped! For one, I learned that Cleopatra was actually of Macedonian decent. I never knew that! Mainly though, I have learned a lot about the different religions and religious centers of the different cultures. Most cultures had similar practices, similar deities, yet different ways of worshipping them. I also learned a lot about burials. Some civilizations decapitated their dead, others put them in fetal positions, and some did the seated burials, which as rare. Another rare practice was double burials, where two people were buried in the same grave. I truly love my timeline! At first I did not understand why we had to do it, but now that it has taught me so much extra information, I truly do value and appreciate it.


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