Ancient Egyptian Pyramids

I’m really glad that next week we’ll be reading about Ancient Egypt! I have always been a bit obsessed with the early Egyptians and how ahead of their time they were. It amazes me that archeologists STILL don’t know how they were about to build their pyramids without construction tools such as cranes. Another mind boggling fact about the pyramids is that the Giza pyramids are aligned with Orion’s belt. There are so many interesting facts about these pyramids and very little facts to explain them. A couple theories have been purposed though.

I watch a show called Ancient Aliens on H2. This show basically gives theories about unexplained historical events. In these theories, they suggest that these events had something to do with alien visiting earth and teaching ancient humans different strategies (pretty fun concept!). On one of these episodes, they talked about Ancient Egypt and the pyramids they built. They talked about the pyramid of Giza and said that it weighed 6.5 tons. While examining how they managed to create such a massive monument, they purposed the theory that aliens could have come to earth and showed them how to make the heaviest building materials nearly weightless. They also claimed that it was the aliens that instructed Egyptians to construct the pyramid in such a way that it aligns with Orion’s belt. This theory seems far-fetched and dismissible, but in reality, no one really knows how they built the pyramids; meaning few options can be ruled out. I hope I live to see the day archeologists know exactly how Egyptians constructed these pyramids and approximately how long it took them.


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