Best Article Ever!!



Okay, so this week, I probably read thee MOST romantic, history related article that I will ever read for this class. In 2007, archeologists found two skulls buried together in a romantic, embracing position. These skeletons may have belonged to a man and woman who died in their younger years. This finding was unique because double burials were very uncommon in the Neolithic era, so archeologists were just as excited about this as I was. Other skeletons have been found buried with each other and having physical contact, though. Another interesting fact about this burial is its geographic site. These skeletons were found a couple miles away from Verona, Italy—the location mentioned in William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

One of the reasons that I love this article so much is because I am a helpless romantic! I am in love with the idea of love and love hearing those mushy, ideal, love stories. The theory that these two skeletons could have been romantically involved and died together, in this position makes me smile and say “Aww, how cute!” I mean, what girl doesn’t want to die with her significant other? Another reason I love this article though, because it just might reveal emotional connections in the Neolithic Period, which we rarely hear or read about. We usually just hear about the boring stuff – buildings, tools, blah blah blah. But this might be an example of how Neolithic people dealt with each other on an emotional level. On the other hand though, these skeletons could have been brother and sister…. or just buried this way because they died at the same time, due to the same cause. We’ll never really know I guess.


One thought on “Best Article Ever!!

  1. sbench03

    The idea itself is what makes it so romantic, least in my mind. I actually heard about this uncovering of the two intertwined skeletons, but by which mean I heard of them is lost to my memory. Maybe it was some documentary or a picture or something…. Well, anyways. The point is, the fact that they had physical contact in a skeletal form is what is so interesting. That fact makes the picture of either tragedy or natural causes some sort or monster that tore them apart. I mean, you could come up with any number of ideas. Maybe the Neolithic period had a ritual that buried lovers like this, or maybe something happened and they clung to each other for comfort. Whatever it was, it definitely raised a multitude of questions. I, for one, am interested in the day humanity might invent a time machine, that way we could fully understand the intent behind everything these ancient people lived.


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