My first assignment

When I was first assigned the homework in class, I was completely lost! All I knew was that everything was due by Sunday at 11:59pm and that procrastination was not an option! Once I got back to my dorm, I decided watch the tutorial videos Professor Kaatz made for us and play around with the website. I started with After several failed attempts, I finally figured out how to add information/photos to my timeline. This was really fun because I got to find information on the Neolithic period that I found interesting! Usually you have to read what is recommended by your professor/teacher, which isn’t always interesting. I learned a lot more from the sources I found. Then, I went on to Scooping wasn’t as fun. I’m still not sure if I completely understand the concept of this website, but I understood it enough to do my assignment. I should probably email the professor about that. Now, I’m here blogging! I always enjoy blogging because I like to write/talk. I should probably blog more often at my leisure.

In the near future, I feel like Professor Kaatz should explain assignments a bit more in depth while we are in class. I’m a linguistic learner, which means I need to hear things in order to understand. I left today’s class terrified, mainly because I was confused and thought I wouldn’t do the assignment right. On my end, I should probably write down a list of questions to ask after class so I don’t go home confused or upset. I’ll learn as time goes by J.


One thought on “My first assignment

  1. Kevin Kaatz

    Hi there! Yes, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. The reason I did the course like this (especially the beginning) is that sometimes it is better to be thrown right in rather than wading. It might be confusing in the beginning, but you will feel better about yourself that you learned this all on your own. is great for doing web research. You put in the key words, and it does the work and actually brings it to you. I really love it and I have learned a ton.


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